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January 12-February 16

Class Series: Advanced Modern Technique with Cumulus Dance at the McGuffey Art Center



October 7

Performance: Improvising in Wordless Conversations with Cumulus Dance, and showing 26 Conceptions for one night only at the McGuffey Art Center

April 29

Performance: My First Q&A! System Crash selected to perform at OhioDance Festival

March 25-27

Performance: A Harrowing World with Hixon Dance at Columbus Dance Theatre

March 5

Performance: My First Q&A! Reboot selected to perform at Midwest RAD Fest

February 14

Film Screening: Quasimondo Physical Theatre releases Giraffe on Fire: Director's Cut for streaming


November 5-February 5

Film Screening: Long Distance selected to show virtually and in-person at Cleveland Dance Festival

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