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See CV for full list of performances, films, and installations.

26 Conceptions

Premiered October 2022

Designed using Isadora and found videos, 26 Conceptions is an interactive art performance that invites participants to pick from a selection of 26 video clips to be projected onto the pregnant abdomen of the performer. Participants manipulate how the pregnant body is viewed by choosing to discover a variety of video clips ranging from whimsical to grotesque. At the same time, the performer designed the framework for participation, raising questions about power dynamics and freedom of choice. What emotions do certain videos elicit when set against the pregnant body? Who is responsible for these “conceptions”? 

This solo performance showed for one night only at the McGuffey Art Center.


My First Q&A!

Premiered August 2021

An internet influencer breaks down in this performance series that confronts how consumer culture in virtual spaces impacts identity. Lee glitches between speech, video projection, and movement, interrupting the audience's consumption of the performance. Lee asks, "What are you like in real life?", in hopes of bringing awareness to our behaviors on and offline as an initiation to transcend the body. The series took place at three festivals: My First Q&A! premiered at Area Choreographers Festival, My First Q&A! Reboot premiered at Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival, and My First Q&A! System Crash premiered at OhioDance Festival. These works feature music by Swedish sound artist, Emil Göthberg.



Premiered September 2019

This durational performance installation premiered at The Magalen in Cleveland, OH as part of the performance series, dotdotdot: INDULGENCE. This work used a screen made of mylar material to create a one-way mirror where the viewer/s can see Lee, but Lee cannot see the viewer/s. Asking, "Is anyone there?", Lee keeps a tally on a white board of how many people engage with her throughout 2 hours while she does her makeup, glitches between hashtags and climate change news headlines, and tears through the screen, thus ending the performance.


in holes and corners

Premiered July 2018

In collaboration with Cedar Becher, this hour-length event uses text, movement, and improvisation to discuss autonomy. Beginning as a satire of social taboos vs. expectations, the tone shifts as Becher and Lee discuss shame, privilege, and uncertainty regarding masturbation, child-birth, and abortion. This performance event raised over $700 for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio.

in holes and corners.jpeg


Premiered November 2017

Four young adults work together to erect and dismantle a white picket fence.


First Drafts

Premiered July 2017

This performance installation created with Cedar Becher features two separate dance theater pieces. In collaboration with composer and performer Tally Moss, the untitled work pictured below is an experimental performance using text, improvisation, and props that place the performers in a dystopian dream state. This installation included digitally altered photography by award winning photographer, Jenna Marti, whose work inspired some of the imagery used to develop this performance.


Assumed Obligations

Premiered August 2016

In response to Lee belonging to a lineage of women who were sexually assaulted, uninhibited eating and animalistic physicality come together to reject expectations of the male-gaze in this solo performance. Having been sexually assaulted themself, Lee used this work to reclaim their body as an act of healing. 

Assumed Obligations (2016) videography by Damien Blue Soundscore by Will Rose_Moment(12)_e

Logged Out

Premiered June 2016

Four people are dropped into an alternate reality where social media has consumed everyday interactions and relationships.

Logged Out (2016)-Rehearsal Photage_Moment.jpg
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